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Lock Rekeying comes in many forms from electronic locks to the standard pin and tumbler system that many of us have been accustomed to over the years. When a Locksmith comes to your location he will typically assess your key needs and the styles and keyways you have present to offer you a solution that fits your Rekey needs. A trained Rekey technician can dissasemble your lock and properly assign a new key to it using lock pins and specific cut keys. Rapid Rekey offers quality Rekey services at your location 7 days a week using only the industries most up to date techniques and training to make your property safe without costly new lock hardware. 

A quality locksmith will often use this opportunity with your lock cylinders disassembled to properly lubricate parts for optimal performance and to address any existing issues with the lock cylinder during the rekey process so your hardware will last just as long as it has before. The United States is dominated by two main lock manufacturers, Kwikset and Schlage. It is not uncommon to have both of these styles on your home and often times can be frustrating trying to find the right key that fits the right lock for your property. Our team of rekey specialists will do everything they can and even provide new hardware to have your entire home or property assigned to one key for ease of access for you and your family.  Simply ask your technician what can be done to convert your exsisting hardware to a uniform system. 

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