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There are often times that your home or businesses locks fall to the way side when it comes to your regular maintenance plans. When your lock fails there is little recourse in the event of an emergency or you are left locked out.

Rapid Rekey offers premium rekey services in Spokane, Wa as well as lock repair services. Whether this is fixing a lock that doesnt quite work the same way it used to or have a lock that is keeping you from getting into your property when you are locked out. Rapid Rekey has 24 hour emergency services available to make sure you get in and have your hardware repaired or even replaced based on the needs for your lock hardware.

Rapid Rekey is a locally owned and operated business in Spokane, Wa that aims for the highest level of security to meet your properties needs as well as your budget. Having the right lock in the right working order can mean the difference between getting locked out or having a small hiccup in your day.

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