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In todays modern world it is seemingly impossible to know without doubt that your property will be safe. There are many measures you can take but knowing who has access to your home and who doesn't is key. Whether you are a new home owner or stepping into a new rental it is vital to know who has access and who doesn't. Rapid Rekey offers complete lock rekey and replacement services for your new home. Modern locks are designed to both be repaired as well as be rekeyed without the need for costly new hardware every time a new tenant or owner takes possession. 

Rekeying your locks does more than just give you peace of mind for your property it also sends a very strong message to those that may have keys that you are an alert home owner and your homes security is at the forefront of your priorities. Rapid Rekey can offer a a multitude of lock rekey services in Spokane, Wa aside from just making sure the previous keys do not work. With security consultations and review of your properties physical security know that you have taken all the proper steps to keep your home safe. Dont let your home become another crime statistic, with after hours service available Rapid Rekey can place your homes safety and security back into your hands 7 days a week in Spokane. 

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